Women Bridging the Gap for Geothermal Research and Development

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In the male-dominated energy industry, women have unique skills and perspectives that can contribute to the advancement of geothermal technologies. This article will explore the importance of women’s participation in geothermal research and development and shed light on some notable initiatives and success stories.

The Current Gender Gap in Geothermal Energy

Despite the potential of geothermal energy, the industry has historically been male-dominated. According to a report by the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA), women represent only around 22% of the workforce in the renewable energy sector.

This gender disparity is even more pronounced in geothermal energy, with women comprising less than 15% of the workforce. This lack of representation not only limits diversity but also hinders the industry’s overall growth and innovation potential. Women possess diverse skills and perspectives that are vital for tackling the complex challenges associated with geothermal research and development.

The Importance of Women’s Participation

Diverse Perspectives and Innovation: Increased gender diversity enables a wider range of perspectives and ideas to be incorporated into geothermal research and development. Women bring unique experiences, knowledge, and problem-solving approaches that can drive innovation and lead to breakthroughs in the industry.

Better Decision-Making: Research shows that diverse teams make better decisions. Inclusive work environments that value and empower women foster creativity and collaboration, leading to more effective problem-solving and decision-making processes.

Closing the Skills Gap: Encouraging more women to pursue careers in geothermal research and development helps bridge the skills gap in the industry. As the demand for geothermal energy increases, so does the need for a diverse workforce equipped with the necessary skills and expertise to drive its growth.

Women Breaking Barriers in Geothermal Energy

Despite the challenges, numerous women are paving the way for increased female participation in geothermal research and development. Here are a few notable initiatives and success stories:

Geothermal Rising

Geothermal Rising is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting women’s engagement in the geothermal industry. They provide networking opportunities, mentorship programs, and scholarships to support women’s career advancement in this field. Through their initiatives, Geothermal Rising aims to close the gender gap and foster a more inclusive geothermal community.

Learn more about Geothermal Rising here.

Christina Sisson

Christina Sisson is a geothermal technician who has made significant contributions to the geothermal energy sector. She currently serves as the Vice President of Communications and Outreach at a leading geothermal company. Through her work, Christina raises awareness about geothermal energy and advocates for greater inclusivity in the industry.

International Geothermal Women’s Association (IGA-Women)

The International Geothermal Women’s Association (IGA-Women) aims to empower and support women working in the geothermal sector. They provide a platform for networking, collaboration, and knowledge-sharing among female professionals in the industry. By amplifying women’s voices and showcasing their achievements, IGA-Women is driving a positive change in geothermal research and development.

Discover more about IGA-Women here.


Women play a vital role in bridging the gap for geothermal research and development. By encouraging their participation and providing necessary support, the industry can harness the power of diversity to drive innovation and tackle the challenges associated with transitioning to clean energy. Initiatives like Geothermal Rising and the International Geothermal Women’s Association are paving the way for increased female representation in the industry. It is crucial that we continue to support and empower women in the geothermal sector to achieve a sustainable and inclusive energy future.


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