Empowering Women: Achieving Sustainable Development Goals in the Energy Sector

Bridging Academia and Industry: Women's Roles in Energy Research

The Energy Sector Gender Gap

Despite progress in recent years, there is still a significant gender gap in the energy sector. According to a report from the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA), women represent only 32% of the global renewable energy workforce. This gap extends to leadership roles, with only 18% of board seats in energy companies being held by women.

This disparity not only limits women’s opportunities for economic participation but also hampers the achievement of sustainable development goals in the energy sector. To harness the full potential of renewable energy and ensure its effective use, it is essential to address this gender gap and empower women in the sector.

Advantages of Women’s Empowerment in the Energy Sector

Empowering women in the energy sector brings numerous advantages and benefits for both individuals and societies as a whole:

  • Economic Growth: Increasing women’s participation in the energy sector can lead to greater economic growth. According to McKinsey, advancing women’s equality could add $12 trillion to global GDP by 202
  • Inclusive Decision-Making: Women bring diverse perspectives and insights to decision-making processes, leading to more inclusive and effective solutions.
  • Reduced Energy Poverty: Empowering women in the energy sector can help address energy poverty by implementing sustainable energy practices and expanding access to clean energy technologies.
  • Improved Energy Efficiency: Women’s involvement in the energy sector can contribute to improved energy efficiency through innovative ideas, creative problem-solving, and effective project management.

By enabling women to actively participate in the energy sector, we can unlock these advantages and accelerate progress toward achieving sustainable development goals.

Key Initiatives Promoting Women’s Empowerment

Several key initiatives and programs are actively working to promote women’s empowerment in the energy sector:

  • The Clean Energy Education & Empowerment (C3E) Initiative: This initiative, led by the Clean Energy Ministerial (CEM), aims to advance women’s participation and leadership in clean energy fields. It provides recognition, networking opportunities, and mentorship programs for women in the sector.
  • Sustainable Energy for All (SEforALL): SEforALL works to increase gender equality in the energy sector through its People-Centered Accelerator. This initiative focuses on creating investment opportunities to empower women in clean energy sectors.

These initiatives actively support women’s empowerment in the energy sector and help bridge the gender gap.


Empowering women in the energy sector is not only a matter of gender equality but also a crucial component of achieving sustainable development goals. By promoting women’s participation, leadership, and decision-making in the sector, we can unlock economic growth, improve energy efficiency, and reduce energy poverty.

It is essential to support and celebrate initiatives that empower women in the energy sector. Together, we can create a more sustainable and inclusive future for all.

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